I am continuously fascinated by the human mind, and the ways that exploring it are ever changing. At a young age, I learned that I have multiple forms of synesthesia. I often wonder how the blending of senses in everyday life has either empowered me or limited me in the perspective that it has shown. I find my art is a conscious and intention fill exploration empowered by the subconscious. As I work on multiple mediums ranging from painting, drawing, wood, and metal, I find I am always on a journey. I don’t yet know my destination, but I will always keep moving down that road, exploring and discovering in what new ways my experiences, my dreams, and my feelings will ever change and adapt my work.

On this journey, I remember where I come from, but always am looking to the next destination. I believe art is a universal language in which we can reach people and start conversations. The associations to structure, architecture, and nature, are an evolution of form, it is my journey of finding a way to map the human mind, and bring people together. We all have a unique language in which we leave a mark on the world, I am interested in how the mark I leave is always one that can bring a new insight, a new realization, while having my own challenged.

Richard W. Hawkins